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Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

Driving through Palm Springs is like entering a funked up time warp. The largest concentration of mid-century modern architecture, Palm Springs is an incongruous mix of retired folk and younger party goers. It may leave you a little confused - a place for daggy, old people or a cool place for young people? - but this is what makes Palm Springs so interesting.

The latter group rest their heads, drink their cocktails and talk obnoxiously loud over the poolside DJ at Ace. Living up to its name, Ace Hotel & Swim Club is just as concerned with aesthetics as it is service. The kid and pet-friendly, 170-room hotel features two pools, a gym, Feel Good Spa and some great food and drink. Bohemian inspired rooms are decorated with vintage leather chairs, old record players, vinyl, Moroccan cushions, Aztec rugs and quality amenities, like Rudy’s Hair and Body Products.

For a day out, loan a bike from Ace and pedal to cool stuff like Joshua Tree, the Salton Sea, Salvation Mountain, or download the Palm Springs Modern: Mid-Century Architecture Tours app to see Richard Neutra’s celebrated Kaufmann Desert House or where Sinatra got up to no good.