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If you’ve been thinking of contacting to get academic help, please read our WriteMyEssay4Me review. We reckon that you’ll find the information presented in the upcoming paragraphs genuinely valuable. Services: An Introduction

To start with, we ordered a college-level essay on a history topic, namely the reign of Roman Emperor Nero. The only specific request we made regarding the paper was that the writer uses the MLA format. Apart from that, we didn’t ask for any of Write My Essay 4 Me extras. One of the few positive aspects we read in customer reviews was that meets deadlines. We may confirm that.

Regrettably, though, the quality of the paper didn’t meet our expectations. Don’t get us wrong: the paper didn’t have an overflowing number of grammatical errors. Nevertheless, the style of writing was unsuitable for a college level assignment. We can testify that a student asking for professional help would expect much more than a mediocre essay. Furthermore, some of the citations were formatted incorrectly, which couldn’t miss our attention either.

Writing Staff and Customer Support Assistance: What You Should Know

Unfortunately, our experience with the customer support wasn’t a positive one. The fact that the automatic chat box kept appearing over and over again as we browsed on made our navigating the website rather bothersome. On top of that, when we wanted to voice our concerns given the poor quality of the paper we received, we didn’t receive a timely response. Of course, this is far from being a professional approach.

Regarding writers’ expertise, although we cannot assure you that each and one of them is inadequately trained, that was the case with our paper. To that end, the person in charge of our assignment wasn’t up for the task.

Pricing System and Discounts

Since we paid $15 per essay page, that means Write My Essay 4 Me prices are positioned on the high side of the average rates in the industry. Had the writing been better, we would have been contented to pay this price for our paper. However, just as former customers have shared in testimonials and reviews, we felt that we overpaid for the poor quality we received, in exchange.

Even though the ordering form contained a designated spot the introduction of a promo code or other coupon codes, we didn’t find a Write My Essay 4 Me discount page. We didn’t put the finger on the problem: perhaps it was a problem with the website or that page simply doesn’t exist. Either way, this is a problem most professional companies don’t have.

Apart from the fact that we could find a bunch of writing samples and a blog, there weren’t any extras or additional features one could choose from.


To sum up, our experience with Write My Essay 4 Me was far from being positive. We felt that we paid too much for the poorly written paper. Since we didn’t have any problems with paying for our paper, we can say that the company is not a fraud or scam. Still, our rating is fair to low.

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