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Deciding to get professional assistance or not is a difficult choice by itself. However, things get much more complicated as you have to choose a company out of hundreds of firms that guarantee to offer the same first-rate quality.

Still, things aren’t always what they appear to be, which is why it’s always best to look for reviews online before making your choice.

On that note, if perhaps you’ve read about The Pensters and you have been back and forth about ordering their services, this review will definitely point towards the right direction!

Assessing the Quality of the Services

Regrettably, an overflowing number of customers' ThePensters reviews we have read presented negative opinions concerning the firm’s activity. However, we gave the benefit of the doubt and requested a paper, to check whether the information in the reviews is reliable or the other way around.

We ordered a pretty basic essay, and we didn’t ask for anything specific regarding bibliography, citation format or resources.

The good thing was that we received the paper a few days before the deadline expired. Nevertheless, that is one of the few positive aspects we could note about our experience with since the writing was abysmal.

For starters, it was evident that the author was far from being a proficient writer. Here and there, it was literally impossible for us to comprehend what the author was trying to transmit, not to omit that there were a bunch of grammatical errors, on top of that. At that point, we comprehended why most reviews mentioned poor quality as a main concern.

What about the Writing Staff and Customer Support?

Evidently, we scanned The Pensters website to find out more about the preparation of the writers. We encountered a bunch of profiles featuring a range of award badges each writer had earned. Without a doubt, the company was interested in portraying the writers in a good light. Regrettably, even though they invested considerably in this respect, that didn’t compensate for the poor writing, especially since those presentations are far from the reality.

As for customer support, doesn’t seem to have one. Apparently, one is expected to work and communicate with his/her assigned writer exclusively. Although we didn’t have a problem with that, we believe that a legit company should have a separate reliable customer support department that is in charge of handling complaints and other similar aspects.

Prices, Discounts, Coupon Codes

We can’t say a lot about prices, coupon codes or promo code since they are negotiated in each scenario. Apart from that, we felt that we overpaid for the subpar quality of the essay, even though the company advertises it supplies affordable rates.


The Pensters offers free plagiarism checker to students, which could be used up to five times each month. There is also a blog; however, the posts contain writing samples only. As for the testimonials, they feature exaggerated claims, which made us suspect they aren’t reliable.

Do We Recommend this Service?

We wouldn’t advise you to choose The Pensters. Don’t get us wrong; the company isn’t a fraud or scam. Still, the prices are way too steep; the quality is inferior, plus, there isn’t a customer service. All these aspects determine us to give the firm a low rating.

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