Low-Quality Writing Services You Need to Know About

Each year many students get scammed out of their money whenever they do business with unreliable writing services. The students lose money, lose time, get even more desperate and end up failing their exams because they didn’t know how bad those companies were.

It is our duty to find all of the writing agencies we can and inform you of the good ones or the ones you should avoid. Today we will present three writing services you need to avoid.

• MasterPapers

MasterPapers testimonials has been around for more than ten years should mean that it gathered the necessary experience to deliver quality products and services. Sadly, that is not the case. The website is full of grammatical and spelling errors as well as some that have to do with the structuring. It is a mess.

Out of all those American writers (because the company is based in Albany, New York, United States), it seems like none has taken a look at the company’s website. We are sure that the firm doesn’t use professional writers from the United States. On the opposite, we believe that this company uses writers from other countries because they are cheaper compared to other agencies in the same industry.

Moreover, the paper we received was full of awkward sentences, grammar, spelling and word usage errors along with a lack of academic elements that every college paper needs. The thesis was wrong, the resources were outdated and inappropriate, and we couldn’t save this paper even with proper editing.

The prices aren’t high, but they do not compensate for the low-quality research paper we received. There are some MasterPapers discounts, but there are no promo or coupon codes whatsoever. The customer reviews are mostly negative, and we agree with them.

Do not use this service. Stay away from because you will regret it one way or another.

• FreshEssays

review of FreshEssays states that it uses only professional writers that have all sorts of degrees in writing. We’ve seen that statement before, and we are usually proven right. From what we’ve gathered, this service has been in this business since 2010 which is enough for a company to mature and offer quality products.

Sadly, this is not the case with We asked for a five page, Bachelor level essay, with a two-week deadline. While the time limit was respected, our instructions and money were not. The quality was poor, and we already knew that our essay wasn’t written by a professional writer.

There were a lot of grammatical errors, and the resources were poorly implemented in the text. The FreshEssays prices are average, and there are some discounts, but even with all that, using this writing service is not worth your time or money.

• EssayTigers

review of EssayTigers focuses on students of every academic level. The writing company provides students with college term papers, essay writing, admission essays, thesis research, Ph.D. dissertations and much more. also offers CV’s, resumes and other business or professional services.

All in all, provides students and business people with every type of service they need. But, what about the quality of their writing? Judging from the customer reviews we found off-site, the quality is questionable at best. Due to various EssayTigers testimonials most of the clients are disappointed by this writing agency.

Apparently, there are some serious problems with the writing. We can also confirm that because we did receive a low-quality paper from this company. The prices are quite high, but there are some discounts to ease the financial pain. However, there are no promo codes.

In the end, we do not recommend using this service.


We hope that you got something useful out of this article. Spread the word to your friends and other students, so they don’t get tricked by this companies.