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Style Board #3

While many people say that Melburnians do not truly understand what winter is, it is safe to say it is a bit gloomy here, as we delve into the depths of the colder months.

With this in mind, We Are Huntly directors Alicia and Kylie have us dreaming of pieces and places far, far away - from streets we wish we were walking down to spaces we dream of lounging in.

  1. Helix suspension, Bec Brittain
  2. Banca Popolare di Verona, Carlo Scarpa
  3. Street Signs, Louvre Paris, Papery rain Blogpost
  4. Interior, Kelly Wearstler
  5. Eames Dax, Elephant Hide Fibreglass, 1954
  6. Metro Entry Set, Rocky Mountain Hardware
  7. Pre-fall 2012, Chloe
  8. Afforances #1 (Y.O.R.I) Jonathan Zawada
  9. 1930 SCREEN, Louise Barillet & Jacques Le Chavallier (NYT)